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Financial Information

The financial year in Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS follows the calendar year. Nordiska prepares the accounts in accordance with IFRS and reports externally on a yearly basis. The board shall adopt the annual accounts within 31 March each year. The Annual General Meeting shall thereafter approve the annual accounts.

Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS annual accounts are registered in the Norwegian Register of Company Accounts.

Financial reports

Pilar 3 Publication of Financial Information

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee is a subcommittee of the board of Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS and shall act as a preparatory body for the Board and support the Board in carrying out its responsibility for the financial reporting, auditing, internal control and overall risk management.

The Committee shall ensure that Nordiska acts in the appropriate and proper manner in accordance with applicable law and regulations, Articles of Association and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway's rules.

The Committee shall ensure that the business of the entire group is run in an appropriate and proper manner, including collaboration and regular contact with the Audit Committees of other group companies (if any), and ensure that the bank's Board of Directors and Chief Executive (CEO) exercise sufficient supervision and control of its branches (and subsidiary companies as the case may be).

The committee is responsible to the full board in Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS.